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Things along the way

To me, one of God’s coolest personality traits is his sense of humor.  It makes him seem more “relatable”.  If you doubt God’s sense of humor take a listen to the things I saw on the way home from the gas station this afternoon.  I’m convinced God set these up back to back just for my sheer pleasure.

#1 I drove past a beauty shop with a HUGE sign out front that read in bold print

“Perm Sale!”

I was driving past, glanced over and had to do a double take.  I was like, wait, did that sign just say “Perm Sale”?  My 1st thought was, “I didn’t even know that perms could go on sale, that’s just nuts!” That thought was immediately followed by, “Man the perm industry must have really taken a hit.  If advertising that perms are on sale doesn’t give them the boost they need nothing will”.  My final thought was “I better call Frenkel and tell her that perms are on sale at this very moment. We’re searching everywhere for all of the these couponing deals and here this little gem just fell right into my lap!”.

At the next light I see one of those “Smoke Shack” places with an even BIGGER sign out front that said “Join the Smokers Club”. Now, they weren’t talking about the “everybody smokes, ‘join the club'” type of club. They were talking about a real live smokers club! Like the “Sams Club” only for smokers. One with rewards and points and discounts for buying in bulk. The whole 9!  So then I thought “Dang is someone trying to tell me something? Am I supposed to get a perm and pick up smoking all in one day?” That’s a lot to bear Lord but you just say the word and it’s done. Haha

Last but not least.

 The sticker on the back of the care of lady (I’m assuming it was a lady anyway, if it wasn’t that just made things a lot worse) in front of me had me rolling!  You know those adorable little family wondow decals with the stick figures. The ones with stick  “Mommy” “Daddy” “Jonny” “Sue” and “Rocky” all together as one big happy family? Well this chick had one with her and her 5 CATS! Seriously, I am not making this up. I would never joke about things of this nature.  It was a lady, and then not one, not two, not three or four but five cats!  Really? I’m just gonna leave that one alone.  I won’t dare say more. It’s just wouldn’t be right. But….if you come up with something and want to post it as a comment that wouldn’t be quite so bad would it?


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